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2022 Highlights — Progress measured by a mission of clean mobility

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Lightyear mission progress 2022

Join us as we reflect on another year of innovation, endeavour and impact for Lightyear. 2022 has been our brightest so far, carrying us closer than ever to a mission that stretches to every corner of the Earth. Clean mobility for everyone, everywhere.

Here at Lightyear, we don’t exactly fall into the conventions of time. For instance, this year we launched Lightyear 0, watched it soar on public roads and began the enormous milestone of its production — all within five months.

Our progress is rapid and our perspective is varied, bolstered by a community of visionary partners, investors and supporters of our mission. Our hours are filled with puzzles. We jump from the drawing board and back to settle for nothing less than true, uncompromising innovation.

And because we work this way, to challenge the improbable and unpick the unfeasible, each year comes with a collection of landmarks that once seemed impossible against the rigid borders of time.

Clean mobility — Iconic innovation of 2022

Lightyear's 2022 innovations

Most aerodynamic production car

2022 sealed record-breaking numbers. We announced Lightyear 0 to be the most aerodynamic production car on the planet, with a history-making drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.175.

Most efficient powertrain

With Elaphe, we developed the most efficient powertrain on the market, achieving an efficiency of 97% with just a fraction of energy lost through heat.

Technological investment

And in a glittering recognition of sustainable Dutch innovation, we received 81 million investment from InvestNL, to boost developments and technologies that leave a positive mark on the world.

Our visionary investors and partners are the driving force behind our progress, and this year we were elated to welcome even more on board.

For everyone — Pioneering partnerships of 2022

Lightyear 2022 partnerships

Koenigsegg partnership

This summer, we announced a trailblazing partnership with renowned megacar manufacturer, Koenigsegg. The investment and partnership will bring automotive technologies to new heights and advance technologies in our second and mass-market model, Lightyear 2.

Lightyear 2 will be competitively-priced and inherit all of the innovations of Lightyear 0; freedom to move without the pinch of range anxiety or the anchor of charging stations.

MyWheels and Leaseplan partnerships

An exciting vein of clean driving that MyWheels and Leaseplan got on board with this year by reserving 5,000 Lightyear 2 cars for their fleets.

Both companies are great examples of how the market is evolving to find innovative ways to reduce emissions and create more space on the roads. We can’t wait to see solar mobility shine in their fleets in 2025!

Everywhere — A year of worldwide impact

Lightyear 2022 steps to worldwide impact

Lightyear 0 launched

We launched Lightyear 0’s final design back in June, with a global launch that captivated thousands of viewers from all over the world.

Under the drenching lights of its premiere, we revealed its final design, specs and name. But it left many with a burning question: what is it like to drive the world’s first solar-powered car?

First Lightyear driving experience

The answer came a few weeks later, as first customers, investors and press were invited to our first driving experience on public roads: Destination Daylight.

Then, onwards, from the sun-soaked roads of Las Bardenas Reales to a light and airy production line in Finland.

Start of production

Lightyear 0 went into production at the end of November to put a revolutionary generation of electric driving in motion.

Addressing visitors at Valmet Automotive facilities, Lightyear CEO and Co-Founder, Lex Hoefsloot, said: “This start of production moment is both a beginning and an end: the end of the chapter we started back in 2016, and it’s the beginning of true solar mobility.”

“It’s an achievement in the automotive industry like never before. And while we may be the first, my sincere hope — and belief — is that we won’t be the last.”

The first glimpses of Lightyear 2 are coming. Stay tuned for another exciting year for clean mobility.

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