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Clean mobility made accessible — Four companies add Lightyear 2 to their fleets

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Lightyear partnerships with arval, athlon, leaseplan and Mywheels


  • Lightyear partners up with four leasing and car-sharing companies

  • A total of 21,000 Lightyear 2 cars have been pre-ordered through these partnerships

  • This ensures more people will have access to our upcoming solar car

We are excited to announce that Lightyear has partnered with several international leasing and ride-sharing companies to bring Lightyear 2 to a global audience. Partnerships with Arval, Athlon, LeasePlan and MyWheels will see 21,000 Lightyear 2 cars added to their combined fleets.

Partnering with four renowned and pioneering industry giants lets us bring Lightyear 2 to a much broader audience.

Essentially, that means more people can explore an exciting new vein of electric driving as they experience the unparalleled efficiency of our solar car.


Our partnerships with Arval, Athlon, LeasePlan and MyWheels will see 21,000 Lightyear 2 pre-orders added to the combined leasing and car-sharing fleets of these acclaimed international companies, corresponding to a revenue of nearly €840 million.

Lightyear co-founder and CEO, Lex Hoefsloot, said: “We could not be happier to be working together with these like-minded companies, who share our passion for ringing in a new age of clean mobility.

“We are delighted with the trust and confidence they have shown for our vision, as we continue developing Lightyear 2 to bring our hyper-efficient solar car to the world.”

Leasing and sharing benefits

In order to bring clean mobility to everyone, everywhere, we need to make Lightyear 2 available to as many people as possible. Arval, Athlon and LeasePlan’s pre-orders ensure a wide variety of users will be able to drive clean, solar kilometres through leasing options.

Leasing provides a unique opportunity to drive a car without having to commit to a full purchase, essentially increasing the number of people who can experience solar electric driving.

MyWheels has also added thousands of Lightyear 2 cars to their car-sharing fleets, allowing more people to experience solar electric driving whenever they want.

Car-sharing is a more sustainable way to go about mobility, sharing a single car amongst hundreds of people to support a healthier environment. It decreases the number of cars on roads, meaning fewer cars need to be produced, thus reducing manufacturing footprints. It also reduces tailpipe emissions for combustion cars, and lessens strain on charging infrastructure in the case of electric vehicles.

Be it for practical purposes or environmental awareness, car-sharing has become a booming business. It combines convenience with sustainability, making it the perfect partner for our upcoming mass-market model, Lightyear 2.

With Arval, Athlon, LeasePlan and MyWheels adopting Lightyear 2 to their fleet, it’ll become even easier to drive solar and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable world.

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