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Destination Daylight — First test drives that set Lightyear 0 soaring through sun-drenched Navarra

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This month, Lightyear 0 headed to the beautiful province of Navarra, Spain, for the first Lightyear driving experience. Here, press, customers and ambassadors were able to get behind the wheel of the world’s first solar car.

The global premiere of Lightyear 0 marked the moment we unveiled our solar electric car to the world. Here, its final design and specs were illuminated for the first time as thousands tuned in to learn of its unique capabilities.

But, it also left many with a burning question. What is it like to drive Lightyear 0?

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Destination Daylight

"We've driven it. It's astonishing"
Fully Charged Live

Guests of Destination Daylight, Lightyear’s first driving experience, recently had that question answered. Hitting the road in the remote nature reserve of Las Bardenas Reales, the on-road premiere of Lightyear 0 got underway in Spain.

On a bright day in Navarra’s sun-soaked natural wonder, among jutting mountains and sweeping fertile plains, the talking stopped — and the driving began.

Driving Lightyear 0

"It’s definitely an EV, it’s definitely real, and it is most certainly stupid efficient."

In the Spanish sun, our solar electric vehicle (SEV) has the potential to generate 70 kilometres of clean range per day through its solar arrays. This made conditions perfect for drivers, who could experience the car at peak performance to truly test its range across three different routes.

For most, the sensation of ‘gliding’ once the foot was taken off of the accelerator was initially striking. The car’s record-breaking aerodynamics and the low rolling resistance of the tyres, bearings and motor set the car soaring, effortlessly, with speed decreasing only a kilometre at a time. q

“You don't even touch the gas or the speed pedal itself, it just keeps on going. It's like - you know - it's like you're flying. Flying in the right sense of the word."
Lightyear Ambassador
"You go to 100 km/h, then let it go. And it just runs automatically for ages and ages. It’s like you're sailing in a car. It's really fantastic. Spectacular."
Lightyear Ambassador

Surprises inside

That wasn’t all to capture the imagination. Lightyear 0’s minimalistic interior, crafted from a collection of sustainable and vegan materials, offered pockets of surprise for most drivers.

"I've been driving electric cars for a long, long time, but this is by far the most relaxed experience I've had thus far."
Lightyear Ambassador

And none less than the car’s intuitive, minimal infotainment console. Like the rest of the car, its software is designed to be as efficient as possible.

On-site was Lightyear Interaction Designer, Bart Geers. He explains: "Developing our infotainment system in-house meant we could focus on its understated but compelling functionalities. We wanted it to slot seamlessly into the driver's experience, without distracting or overwhelming, giving users full control and oversight when tracking solar yield, energy consumption and driving efficiency."

Along with displaying solar yield in real-time, days, months or years, the system also predicts solar range based on climate forecast and offers tips to maximise yield and charge.

A destination fit for a solar debut

Showcasing Lightyear 0 in a region of ecological significance was important to us, and in Navarra, we found a shining example of a destination sure to benefit from a clean future of solar mobility.

With the Las Bardenas Reales UNESCO-recognised Biosphere Reserve at its heart, the region is a breathtaking natural wonder that receives 15 hours of sunlight a day, keeping the land diverse and beautiful, and our cars fully charged.

At Lightyear, we know that creating positive, impactful change takes an entire movement — a shift in mindset — and that mobility is one piece of a much broader picture. We wanted our driving experience to be as conscious and holistic as our mission.

Between driving sessions, guests enjoyed local and organic vegetarian food and explored the region by bicycle.

Journey with us

While this marks another incredible landmark for Lightyear, the journey is only just beginning.

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