March 30, 2021

England — From Bristol to Brighton


England — From Bristol to Brighton

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Although not always known as one of the most eco-countries in Europe, England is doing its best to become greener. For instance, London reportedly has the same number of trees as its population. And, seeing how that’s a very impressive 9 million people, we can’t help but be proud of the capital.

Bristol Harbour on the Avon river
Bristol Harbour on the Avon river

In the spirit of encouraging anybody who has the potential of becoming a great player in the field of sustainability, why don’t you join us on a road trip with Lightyear One, all through Merry Olde England?

Beautiful vista in England

Where to start

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Our Journey begins in Bristol, selected as one of the most sustainable cities in the whole of England. It held the title of European Green Capital in 2015, and it continued this trend of eco-consciousness throughout the years.

Once you are here, make your way to the Downs. Also known as “the lung of the city”, the Downs can only be described as a ballroom of greenery. It is a vast field, where people all around Bristol can gather and play sports, and simply enjoy a fresh-aired afternoon, away from the chaos of daily life.

Bonus points: if you go to the South-West corner of the Downs, you will see exquisite vistas of the Avon Gorge and Suspension Bridge.

Eat — The Oyster and Fish House, Lyme Regis

The Oyster and Fish House

From Bristol, you hop in your Lightyear One and go to Dorset, a 72-mile drive, to grab a nice lunch at The Oyster And Fish House, in Lyme Regis.

What makes this restaurant so special - besides the amazing location and the bio food - is that it is the creation of celebrity chef Mark Hix.

The menu changes daily, and you can have your choice from the fish of the day, to see what amazing creations the chef have come up with.

Lulworth Cove

Hidden gem — Lulworth cove

After a delightful meal at The Oyster And Fish House, you can hop in your Lightyear One again and go to Lulworth Cove, an exceptionally beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Words cannot express the astonishing scenery, created by the sea, so don’t miss anything the Lulworth region can offer you, from the Cove, to the Durdle Door, the Castle, the Crumple, and Stair Hole.

Stay — The Green House

From Lulworth Cove, you take a short trip to Bournemouth, Dorset, where one of the most beautiful and eco-friendly hotels awaits you.

The Green House is located in a Victorian villa, which was created not only to accommodate your needs, but that of the environment, as well. From food bought from local producers, to repurposed old furniture and charging stations for your electric vehicle in their own garden, The Green House is an amazing location, for a picturesque and cosy stay.

The Green House in Bournemouth
The Green House in Bournemouth

End of the journey

From Bournemouth, you are just one skip away from Brighton. If Bristol is one of the most sustainable cities in England, then Brighton is the most sustainable. Once you are here, you can decide for yourself if you want to visit the city, or if you want to go for a stroll on their famous beaches, where either the Royal Pavilion, or the i360 wait for you to discover them.

Coastal view of Bournemouth
Coastal view of Bournemouth

The world is wide and full of wonders, and although we can’t yet enjoy the beauty of travelling to its fullest, we can still take in some breathtaking scenery and luscious greenery.

Listen — England journey playlist

A trip means nothing without the ideal soundtrack in the background. And, since we are in England, famous for the classics they offered us, why not blast this playlist during your Journey?

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See what England, the land of the Queen, famously rainy weather, and one of the best breakfasts the world, has to offer.

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