August 3, 2021

Germany — Feeling the elements

Roland Schüren


Customer & Ambassador

Germany — Feeling the elements

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Lightyear Journeys is a monthly evolving selection of imagined trips to fuel your wanderlust. Always within Lightyear One’s 725km range, it’s a carefully curated selection of eco-luxury trips and destinations.

We begin our Journey at the Seed & Greet, in Hilden, Germany, where Roland opened a bistro that has both delicious pesto sandwiches and a charging station for your electric vehicle. As one of Germany’s largest EV charging points, it’s a place you can’t miss if you are a fan of clean energy.

As we get in the car, we learn the destination: Sylt, the northernmost island in Germany.

“The dream would be to have a 2-week vacation with my family and my Lightyear One without charging”, says Roland, as we start the 650km trip.

Seeing how Sylt is 38km in length and 13km in width, the whole trip fits perfectly within Lightyear’s One range of 725km.

Island of Sylt with a solar electric vehicle

Unfortunately, current options to reach the island are not 100% clean, as you can only drive until you can board either a diesel-driven train or a diesel-driven ferry, from near Denmark. The only silver lining is that the ferry has charging stations. Not only that, but the train has two levels, and, seeing how aerodynamic and flat Lightyear One is, you can park on the upper level, so you can charge from the sun on the way to Sylt.

“When the train is starting slowly for its 30-minute drive, you can feel the beginning of a relaxing holiday,” says Roland, as we reach Sylt and our adventure begins.

Rotes Kliff

Located in the middle of the island, in Kampen, this location is perfect for seeing the North Sea coastline. As you go up, the view takes your breath away, and you understand why, in the past, you could glide along the shoreline from the top. 

“There’s parking space directly by the cliff. And here, the meaning of self-charging is really understood, as you feel the sun and the wind. Not only for your car, but for your body and mind, as well.”

Wattenmeer — a walk from Munkmarsch to Keitum

As we move to the East side of the island, we take a slow walk along the quieter coastline of the “Wattenmeer” National Park. Looking on, you can see the horizon line, as well as the plants growing from the muddy sand, where the sea meets the land.

And, if you are walking during winter, you can even see ice shafts all the way, right next to you.

Ellenbogen — the northernmost point of the whole of Germany

Last but not least of Roland’s favourite spots on the island is Ellenbogen, in the North of the island.

“If you go in the evening or in the early morning, there are no other tourists; you are all alone.”

After you travel a narrow road by bike, you reach this rough patch of land, full of dunes, sun, and wind. It is the perfect place to clear your mind and take a break from the outside world. 

“On a bicycle, you feel the elements and the energy consumption. That’s what attracted me to Lightyear One: it tells you the truth: you feel it in your arms, your legs, your heart - just like on a bike.”


Because we can’t end our trip without checking out a few restaurants, Roland took us to some spots he discovered with his family.

“I will not take you to Sansibar and Gosch. Those are the most popular spots on the island, but I wanted to show you some hidden gems.”

The first restaurant is Strandmuschel, in Rantum - a small dining place where the owners have their own recipes (and where you should definitely try the fish). To further prove the coziness patrons feel when dining here, you can see people pass in their bathrobes on their way to the beach.

© Créperie am Meer

The second place is the Créperie am Meer, in Westerland, where you will meet the friendliest staff and chef. An old-school surfer dude, the chef can be in the middle of a conversation with you and, if he sees sound waves, he would leave the restaurant, take his neoprene suit, and go surfing right in front of you. 

“So, if you like waves, this is definitively a place to go to.”

Our last stop on the island is Kupferkanne, in Kampen - a bakery in nature, between plants and sand. With a great selection of cakes, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that this restaurant is built in an old bunker. With half of the establishment below ground and walls covered in plants, there is not a lot of space indoors.

Still, if you know the affinity for cakes and tea of Northern Germans, you would understand why it’s worth the trip here.

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This month, we wanted to do something special for our Journey. So we embarked on a 650+km road trip with our German Ambassador — Roland Schüren — to his favourite vacation destination - the island of Sylt.

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