September 14, 2020

Go free in Friesland


Go free in Friesland

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Sailing, water and nature intertwine beautifully, making it unmistakably Dutch. Being known as a small country, this trip only sets you back 218km so you can sit back and enjoy the landscape as charging at designated stations won’t be needed at all.

If at the end of the trip you have the feeling that people haven’t been speaking Dutch, don’t worry, most Dutchmen have a hard time understanding the local dialect as well.

Lightyear One journeys to Fryslân, the Netherlands
ievers yn Fryslân

Stay — ievers yn Fryslân

“Bûter, brea en griene tsiis, wa't dat net sizze kin is gjin oprjochte Fries”

In the heart of Friesland you’ll find a unique place to sleep in Easterwierrum’s former church. Beautifully rebuilt, it provides you a place to rest your head right next to the altar. A couple more recognisable elements from the old church are still in place, one of them being the old organ on the wall.

It’s a great place with enough beds to fit the entire family and, the solar panels on the roof make this a great sustainable choice as well. All facilities are included so feel free to hop right over to the supermarket and cook some great meals yourself.

Eat — Chef’s table at Havenmantsje

Lightyear One journeys at Havenmantsje, the Netherlands

Friesland is not known for incredible cuisine. The people that live there are generally seen as down to earth and value the simple things in life. But living in and around water and polder land makes for an incredible breeding ground of flavorful local products.

These two aspects combined is exactly what you will find at ’t Havenmantsje in Harlingen. Here chef Marco Poldervaart takes the ordinary and turns it into extraordinary culinary experiences. We’d recommend getting a seat at the chef’s table on the first floor and enjoy a 10 course meal meticulously prepared right in front of you by Marco himself.

Lightyear One journeys to the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea

Do — “Wadlopen”

The UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea is the largest tidal flats system in the world. It is continually reshaped by wind and water. More than 10 millions migratory birds pass through it each spring & autumn. Emerge yourself in the Wadden Sea and go ‘wadlopen’ during low-tide. We recommend the stretch between Lauwersoog and Schiermonnikoog - the smallest Dutch island of the Wadden Sea. Remember to wear old shoes and know that your clothes will get dirty. The seals, birds, insects, fish and other dozens of species you will encounter make it worthwhile. Note, this activity is not for the faint-hearted but your perseverance will pay off.

Hidden gem — Sail & space

Not so “hidden” is the majestic Skutsjesilen competition (old freight ships) on the beautiful lakes of Friesland during the summer holidays. A unique cultural and competitive event between different Frisian regions and towns. Generations of crews and captains of the different teams have taken part in this event. Fueled by the wind, the tall ships are geared for action and jibe and tack across the lakes. With heavy winds it’s truly spectacular. Get up close with a small boat or stand ashore with your binoculars and the local radio.

Lightyear One journeys to the oldest working planetarium in the Netherlands

If you prefer outer space over open waters we recommend visiting the Eise Eisinga planetarium. Nested along the canal in Franeker this museum has the oldest still working planetarium in the world. The accurately working model of the solar system was built between 1774 and 1781. When you’re done exploring space, kick back and enjoy a ‘heavenly beer’ in the garden.

Listen — Fryske journey playlist

We know how important it is to have some solid music playing in the car during this epic Journey. That’s why all of our Journeys come with a dedicated playlist to tune into while driving. Of course you can also tune into our Podcast for a more serious note.

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From Makkum to Lauwersoog and back (201 km) — Completely in fashion we decided to offer a staycation this summer. Being based in the Netherlands, we decided to travel up north and take you through Friesland which is quite rural and gives you a sense of being abroad.

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