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We’re on track for Start of Production!

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Pre-production Lightyear 0 Valmet

In preparation for the start of production later this year, the first Lightyear 0 pre-production model has been completed at Valmet Automotive in Finland. This vital step brings us ever closer to getting Lightyear 0 off of production lines and onto roads across Europe.

Manufacture of Lightyear 0 will be done by Valmet Automotive, at their state-of-the-art production facility in Uusikaupunki, Finland. Pre-production is done in a facility specifically made for prototype and pre-series manufacture.

Completing the pre-production vehicle is important because it allows us to test design and make adjustments to the process of full-scale production, ensuring readiness for the Start of Production (SoP) on the assembly line later on in the year.

Pasi Rannus, SVP Manufacturing at Valmet Automotive said: “We are immensely proud at Valmet Automotive to have completed the first pre-production Lightyear 0 solar electric vehicle. This is an important step toward the start of customer car production and making an automotive dream come true.”

Journey to the start of production

When Lightyear was first conceived over six years ago with the mission to bring clean mobility to everyone, everywhere, there was a long road ahead of us. Now, six years later, we’re mere weeks away from launching our first ever solar car. We could not have done this if not for the many talented and passionate individuals, the visionaries, the engineers, and the investors who saw the same potential we did.

With pre-production running smoothly and Lightyear 0 on the horizon, we feel newly invigorated in our mission to bring clean mobility to everyone, everywhere.

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