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What makes Lightyear One the perfect car for our sustainable future

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“Lightyear One makes for an improvement over existing electric cars by looking further than just a car that runs on solar energy. It is also about the use of materials.” - Anne-Marie Rakhorst

Anne-Marie — like Sjoerd — is one of our most dedicated Ambassadors and her goal is very clear: the environment comes first. When she heard of Lightyear, she was searching for a company that would take global warming seriously; that would present a viable and realistic solution, with a great impact not only now, but for the future, as well.

As time goes by, our energy demands will keep growing. Even if we make a transition from fossil fuel to electric vehicles, there will still be the problem of how to power so many conventional electric vehicles without massive infrastructure investments. Our focus on minimising energy use is what makes Lightyear One unique in the market. Besides regular charging possibilities the integrated solar panels enable each car to tap into clean energy - every single day - minising reliance on the grid.

"Lightyear One is the perfect car for our sustainable future"

Every small change counts, at the end of the day. And Lightyear One, the solar electric car, is doing its part in our fight against climate change. But which are the elements that make Lightyear One stand out?

  • Energy efficiency at heart: Lightyear One's is designed and engineered to drive the most kilometers per kWh;

  • Bumper-to-bumper solar panels: Lightyear One recharges by the sun, ensuring enough energy for your daily commute - without the hassle of regular charging;

  • A battery that can be home charged: you can have the perfect car, that will not be a burden on the grids, even during the colder weather;

  • Created as a circular economy: nothing gets lost, bringing the waste materials close to zero, ensuring a small print on the environment.

Lightyear One has a much lower carbon footprint compared to ICE and other electric vehicles, based on the 4 stages displayed above. Do you want to be part of this future of clean mobility?

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