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Why Lightyear One is already a collectible car

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“I think it's super cool and challenging to develop this car, to give it shape, and to give the right feeling into the design and the usability of the product.” - Bart Jansen


At Lightyear we are honoured to have ambassadors like Sjoerd & Joost. Another ambassador, Bart Jansen, is a pharmacist and a unique car enthusiast. Ever since he was a student, his passion for foreign cars grew into a vehicle restoration hobby. A fan of Italian design, he collects oldtimers, and sees the value of timeless forms.

As it is set to develop only 946 cars of this groundbreaking model, there’s no wonder why Lightyear One is considered a jewel in the car collectors world. What can only be described as a concept car, Lightyear One will be a prized possession for any car aficionado. A vehicle that will stand the test of time, as well as start a conversation with both technology and classic-oriented people, Lightyear One is something you cannot miss having.

Sketches for the Solar Electric Vehicle Lightyear One

"Dutch innovation, Italian design"

Of course, the journey to create such a masterpiece of engineering wasn't easy. Besides the cutting-edge technology, we partnered with the best of the best, Granstudio: renowned name in car design, based in Turin.

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"You are not only driving a collectible, but a statement."

Lowest emissions, longest range, and least charges

Combining an ageless Italian design with all the technological elements that ensure that Lightyear One is the cleanest car on the market, the final project is a triumph in aerodynamics and innovation. From the initial concept to the final product, Lightyear One marks a revolution in the electric vehicle market.

Charging frequency for a Lightyear One

Conventional electric vehicles need to be charged multiple times, in order to have the range you wish for. And here comes the ingenuity of Lightyear One: the elegant solar panels on the roof collect the energy of the sun, so you can have a carefree journey, without troubling yourself with thoughts of "where can I find the next charging station?".

If you are also a car enthusiast, you can read more about Lightyear’s One patented technology and what makes this solar electric car special.

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