Cookie and Privacy Statement

Cookie and Privacy Statement

This Privacy and Cookie Statement was last changed on May 28th2018

This Privacy and Cookie Statement grants information about the processing of personal data of the visitors of the Website of Atlas Technologies B.V., based at Automotive Campus 30 in Helmond (‘Lightyear’). This Privacy and Cookie Statement is applicable to the processing of all personal data of Users who visit the Website of Lightyear: (‘Website’).

The Privacy and Cookie Statement will be kept up-to-date, which may make it subject to changes over time. Therefore, users will be advised to frequently review this statement to be informed of all these changes.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that contains data on the user and on his, or her interests and preferences. By means of a cookie, data is transmitted from a server to the web browser of the user and send back to the server every time a user accesses a server’s webpage. With the use of a cookie, the Website knows for instance what language the user wants to view its content in. Thus, cookies make the use of this Website more convenient. Cookies also help Lightyear to assist in collecting information with regard to the use of the Website. For example, what web pages are visited and for how long.

What kind of cookies does Lightyear use?

Process cookies: these are necessary to offer the basic functionality of the Website and to remember the cookie settings as set by you. Without these cookies, the Website cannot function properly.

Cookies that remember your preferences: these cookies remember information about you in the way you use a Website, for example from which region you are operating and which language you use.

How can you turn off these cookies?

Cookies are only allowed when you have given consent. When you visit the Website you will see a notification by which you can consent to these cookies. If you do not consent, cookies will not be placed. If you wish to remove the cookies you are able to do this via your web browser.

Which personal data are processed by Lightyear?

Contact details: when you sign up for Lightyear’s newsletter, or when you place a reservation, you must enter your contact details.

IP-address and your use of the Website: we process these data for technical and functional management in order to ensure our Website is easy to use. Information that is used for technical and functional management is explained below.

Questions or requests: when you contact us with questions or requests, we will use personal data provided by you to answer your query.

Résumé: in case you are interested in applying for a job at Lightyear, you are able to submit your résumé. Moreover, additional information can be sent, such as reference letters.

For what purpose are these data processed?

Functional and technical management of the Website

Your personal information is stored to improve the functionality of the Website and to make your time at this Website more convenient. This information includes, for instance, the pages you visit, the browser you are using, demographic information, and the duration of your visit. Moreover, information on technical malfunctions is gathered. By this, the user functionality of the Website can be improved. Cookies are used for the same purpose.

To be able to respond to your reservation

On the Website you can place a reservation, by submitting your contact details in a contact form. Once this form is submitted, Lightyear will process this reservation. Thus, your personal data is needed to fulfil your request for placing a reservation.

Updates of Lightyear

You are able to leave your contact details on the Website, so Lightyear can keep you up to date with the latest news of our mission.

Assessing a job application

The information that is submitted in order to fulfil a job application, such as contact details, a résumé and reference letters, will be used to assess this application.

Who is responsible for your personal data?

Lightyear is the data controller. This means that Lightyear will determine the purposes and the means of the processing of your personal data.

Who has access to your personal data?

Lightyear involves Hubspot and other third parties to perform certain activities on its behalf, such as forming analytical reports based on Website behaviour. In so far as these third parties have access to personal data for the services they provide, Lightyear has taken the necessary contractual and organizational measures to ensure that the data are only processed insofar as necessary to perform the services. Personal data will not be supplied to other parties, except when required by law.

How are your personal data secured?

We handle your data as strictly confidential. Lightyear has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures against unlawful processing or loss of your personal data. We can guarantee this because Lightyear makes use of secured servers and multi-factor authentication.

To whom can questions and requests for access, removal, or rectification be addressed?

You have the right send a request with regard to access, removal, or rectification of your personal data processed by Lightyear any time. Please send your request to [email protected].one


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