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To make sure you are one of the first to drive a Lightyear One, you can reserve yours now. Depending on the spot in the in the reservation line you would like, you can choose the option that fits you best.

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Lightyear One


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Power to free communication

Celeste Vervoort — Copywriter One of our very first buyers, Mark Vletter, decided to chase a dream when he saw the worldwide access problem of information and communication. Armed with a strong drive to change the status quo, he started the 48percent foundation with a...

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Forgotten Virtues: Moderation

Architect and pioneer, Joost Ector is one of Lightyear’s first buyers. In a Dutch blog he wrote for ‘Architectenweb’ he explains what made him so enthusiastic about Lightyear.

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What is the price of the Lightyear One?

The price of the Lightyear One is €119.000 excluding VAT and options. Please find the different reservation options above.

What will be the range of the car?

The Lightyear One’s optimized aerodynamics and weight saving features greatly improve its range. Depending on your battery configuration you have either 400 or 800 km of range buffered in the battery.

How many kilometers can be collected from the sun?

This depends on the climate of your country. We made a special tool for you to see the range on every location on earth. You can find it here

Is it possible to drive at night or when it is cloudy?

Absolutely. With the internal battery the Lightyear One will drive up to 800 km without any sunlight.

How can I charge the Lightyear One?

The Lightyear One can be charged with:
1. Sunlight
2. A standard household power socket
3. A standard EV charging point
4. An EV fast charger

How long does it typically take to recharge the battery?

If you plug in the Lightyear One for 1 hour, you will charge:
Household power socket: (3.7 kW): 40 km
Standard EV charging point (10 kW): 110 km
EV fast charger (75 kW): Full (850 km)

Can I use my solar power for something else?

Yes, of course! The Lightyear One will be capable of supplying solar energy to your house, to ensure that sunlight is never lost. Furthermore, the Lightyear One will be fitted with an ordinary household power socket to power any device wherever you are.

What does the car look like?

We have exclusive events where you can have a sneak preview of the design of the car. We understand that to make a reservation you want a clear vision of what the car will look like. Please express your interest to reserve the Lightyear One and we will contact you. We will contact you for a meeting at our office in Helmond, the Netherlands where you will be able to see the latest sketches and a 3D model of the car in virtual reality.

What are the delivery details of the Lightyear One?

First 10 cars – signature editions – expected in early 2020.
Next 100 cars, the Pioneer Editions are expected later in 2020. The regular Lightyear One will be delivered from 2021 onwards.

What about the safety of the Lightyear One?

Safety is a top priority. We are working with industry partners to ensure the Lightyear One will comply with all safety regulations.

How many occupants fit in the Lightyear One?

The Lightyear One will comfortably accommodate five people.

What is the loading capacity of the Lightyear One?

Freedom is very important to the concept of a solar car. The luggage space will be around 700-800 litres. That means you will be able to bring your mountain bike, golf-bag or surfboard easily.

What about service for the Lightyear One?

Due to the smaller amount of components compared to a conventional car the maintenance is significantly reduced. In case service is needed, fast and personal advice will provided by Lightyear.

What is your CO₂ footprint for producing a Lightyear One?

We are working with multiple partners to select materials that have the least impact on the environment. For example, we have recyclable carbon fiber and solar cells on our road map. Decreasing our environmental footprint is one of our core objectives. However, we are still in the development phase of the vehicle so we cannot give a definitive answer yet.

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