Lightyear Investor Cafe: this is only the beginning

Mar 22, 2017 | News

Martijn Lammers — Co-Founder

We have held our first Investor Cafe.

During this evening we presented our plans to a select group of people from our network. We informed them on what we are doing and what our plans are for the near future. We would like to thank all attendants, especially our ambassadors Camilla van den Boom, Maarten Steinbuch and Ton Backx.


The goal for this evening was to slowly start putting our mission out in the world and get valuable feedback on our plans & story. Mobilising our network to help us has proved a good strategy to test our plans against a larger group of interested people of various backgrounds. It is extremely motivating to see a growing group of people interested. Their feedback gives us a clear overview of what parts of our plans to focus on. We do this to continuously keep learning and improving.

First investors

Attendants of the investor cafe got the first, exclusive, opportunity to be among the first investors in Lightyear. Together, these pioneers are helping us with the network and capital to keep growing the company towards our mission. This way, we are creating a community of supporters that will help spread the word to grow our community further. With the investments, we can now work towards the next milestone – getting ever closer to a more sustainable world.

For those who were unable to attend, we made a short video impression of the evening. If you missed the opportunity to invest during our first investor cafe, contact us for more information about the investment opportunities.

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