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Reaching our mission requires financing – and a lot of it. Let us not pretend that we will have all the required funds ready from day one. That would not be smart. Financing is a delicate process where success is rewarded with the funds to continue to grow towards the next successes.


The world is in need of sustainable mobility, and fast. This is where we come in: we provide the clear next step in mobility. At Lightyear, everyone is committed to the mission and our investors value that.

Since our incorporation at the end of 2016, Lightyear has received tremendous support from several seed investors from whom €2,4M in convertible loans was raised. On the 18th of April 2018 Lightyear raised an additional €2,5M in equity from investors in the Series A investment round. A great milestone, which also converted all debt to equity.

The Series A investment was oversubscribed in less than two months. To accommodate those who missed earlier opportunities, we will raise new convertible loans in parallel to the preparations of the Series B investment round with additional strategic partners.

Our loyal investors have allowed us to come this far and we are excited for what the future brings by using funds entrusted to us to build our company and develop the Lightyear One.

Are you interested in getting involved as an investor? Please contact us so we can send you the investment details.


Qurein Biewenga

CFO & co-founder

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Thank you for your interest in the investment opportunities of Lightyear.

We can offer you the possibility to invest through a convertible loan if your considered investment is in excess of €100,000. This way we are able to limit the number of investors to a manageable amount at this stage of Lightyear.

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