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500 miles
of range between charges 1
3x less charging
than a conventional EV per year 2
target starting price

For a cleaner world

We see a future where electric driving doesn’t depend on plugging into the power grid, and being smart with our energy is effortless. Our cars are solar electric, and Lightyear 0 is the first ever production-ready solar car, the most aerodynamic and efficient in the world. Our next model, Lightyear 2, will inherit all of its groundbreaking innovations at a fraction of the market price.


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Range scripted by sunlight

Solar power can double your range. With an integrated layer of solar cells extending your journeys, you could drive over 500 miles before your next plug charge. For short and medium trips, Lightyear 2 could even sustain itself without a socket in sight. Picture that, running on free, clean solar power alone. 

Charge less, enjoy more

Lightyear 2 needs three times fewer charges than a conventional EV, because this efficient and aerodynamic car does a lot with its energy. More time, energy and freedom to travel unanchored by charging infrastructure. And as well as the sun, any power outlet in the world becomes a charging station. Even a regular home socket. 

Truly sustainable

As well as reducing dependency and strain on the power grid, Lightyear 2 has the smallest energy footprint on the market. Its lifetime emissions are half that of conventional EVs, giving you a truly sustainable way to explore the world.



The Lightyear 2 waitlist is a simple, free and no-commitment subscription. It lets us know that you're interested in putting solar electric power on the road. So, you'll be the first to hear about it when Lightyear 2 is ready for launch.

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Range 1

Driving range will vary depending on driving habits, location, and season. 
500 miles range is based on a 15000 miles annual driving in Chicago.

Charges 2

Charging moments vary depending on driving habits, location, and season.

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