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Lightyear One
Designed for performance



Lightyear One was crafted to do more than just appeal to the eye. We took nothing for granted and reevaluated every component of the car. As a result, its Italian design doesn’t just look pretty. Every detail is engineered to improve efficiency and safety.

Our engineers found the balance of using lighter building materials like aluminium and carbon fiber while maintaining rigorous safety standards. The result is a car that is less heavy, consumes less energy and has an exceptional range.


We didn’t just rethink design, but what performance means. We built Lightyear One from the ground up to perform well over distance. Lightyear was sparked by long treks through the Outback and uninhabited tundra on solar power. Performance, for us, means that freedom of the open road.

The efficiency of Lightyear One means that it's possible to get more charging performance from any charging outlet in less time. Through fast-charging, you can charge up to 570km worth of energy within an hour, and, with a simple 230V outlet, it’s even possible to charge up to 350km worth of energy overnight.

Easy energy

High temperatures

More freedom, less planning

Independence from charging stations means that you are free to roam the world.

Effective solar cells

More freedom, less planning

Effective solar cells

Unlike conventional solar panels, our cells function independently. This means that even if part of the roof or hood is in shadow, the other cells continue to efficiently collect solar energy. In fact, our solar cells provide about 20% more energy than traditional ones.

Up to 100% of your mileage

Effective solar cells

Up to 100% of your mileage

The solar roof and hood charge up to 12 km/h in the sun. Your climate and driving frequency will determine the percentage of your mileage this can give you. Someone driving the national average of 20,000 km/year in the cloudy Netherlands would get about 40% of their mileage from solar energy.

Emergency range extension

Up to 100% of your mileage

Emergency range extension

Lightyear One has a solution to accidentally running out of battery. You can drive 15-20km/h on what the solar roof and hood absorb from daylight, getting you to an outlet with no roadside assistance required.

High temperatures

Emergency range extension

High temperatures

The solar roof and hood are designed to withstand high temperatures when charging, with no loss of efficiency.

More freedom, less planning


Exterior / Performance


725 km (WLTP)


All 4 independently controlled.
Advanced torque vectoring.

Energy use

83 Wh/km (WLTP) - without HVAC


0 - 100 km/h in 10 seconds

Dimensions (L x W x H)

5057 x 1898 x 1426 mm

Charge speeds

Range kilometers per hour charging

3.7 kW at 230v
22 kW (Public)
60 kW (Fast charging)



Five adults: two in front, three in back

Luggage space

Normal: 780 L
Extended: 1701 L
Center console: 12 L


Over the air software updates
Companion app
Wireless key
Apple CarPlay
Android Auto
Wireless charging pad
Big armrest for both front passengers
Three isofixes in the back
Cup holders

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