Bankruptcy Atlas Technologies B.V. Approved

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Bankruptcy Atlas Technologies B.V. Approved

As announced on January 23rd we had to submit the request for the opening of suspension of payment proceedings with respect to Atlas Technologies B.V., our operating company responsible for the production of Lightyear.

This suspension was granted by Rechtbank Oost-Brabant located ´s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. Today this court declared Atlas Technologies B.V. bankrupt. The court appointed Mr. R. van Oeijen from Holla legal & tax as trustee.

Lightyear regrets having to make this announcement for all employees, customers, investors and suppliers and will work closely with the curator and all the people who are involved and hope for their understanding and support. In the coming period the trustee will focus on the position of the employees and creditors as well as assessing how the Lightyear concept can be continued.

At the request of mr. R. van Oeijen, the court will declare a cooling-off period, during which any authority of third parties, with the exception of estate creditors (boedelschuldeisers), to recover assets belonging to the estate or to claim assets that are in the control of Atlas or the trustee, for a period of no longer than two months, cannot be exercised except with the authorization of the supervisory judge.

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