Lightyear wins the “Golden Steering Wheel” Award 2022

Lightyear, the Dutch high-tech company developing the world’s first solar electric car, today received the Golden Steering Wheel, a renowned award for new car models given by the German newspaper Autobild, for their first car Lightyear 0. After a jury decision and votes of Autobild readers, the Golden Steering Wheel was awarded to Lightyear in the Innovation category and received by two of the company’s Co-founders, Arjo van der Ham and Koen van Ham.

Lightyear won Golden steering wheel award

The rise of efficient solar-electric mobility

Exactly six years after Lightyear’s establishment and a few weeks before the production of their first solar electric vehicles, the company celebrates another achievement and the support of German consumers for solar mobility. “It’s incredible to see how our innovative technologies for the automotive sector have led us to receive so much support and recognition for our mission of clean mobility for everyone, not only from the Dutch but also international audiences,” says Arjo van der Ham, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Lightyear. “We are proud to take this trophy back to the team and are motivated to continue surprising people with efficient technology that contributes to a cleaner automotive sector.”

Lightyear’s solar electric car is built with efficiency in mind: With 60 filed patents on technologies such as in-wheel motors, custom tires, and an aerodynamic body, solar cells on car roofs have become a viable option. Currently the most aerodynamic production car on the market with a drag coefficient of 0.175 Cd, Lightyear 0 enables drivers to achieve more range and freedom from the electricity grid on a small battery pack (60kWh). This allows consumers to keep the convenience of private transport while having a more sustainable environmental impact.

Innovation for everyone, everywhere

While Lightyear’s innovation means a significant step toward more sustainable mobility, the Lightyear 0 is a limited production vehicle and therefore only the beginning: the company is currently developing its second, more affordable vehicle, Lightyear 2, for the mass market and expects to start production in 2025. 10.000 of these cars have already been reserved by car-sharing and leasing companies in the Netherlands. “With only a few more years to go, consumers from Europe, the US, the UK, and later Asia can look forward to a more convenient and sustainable alternative to a conventional electric vehicle,” Arjo van der Ham adds.

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