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You will work on diverse subjects in highly autonomous teams consisting of terribly talented experts. At Lightyear, you get the unique opportunity to realize true impact. You can make the world a better place by using your skills and knowledge.

The Team

Research and Development

Lightyear’s co-founder Arjo works as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Part of his job is keeping up with the state of the art, initiating research and development projects and managing intellectual properties. Arjo co-founded Lightyear because it offered him an opportunity to use technology to make this world a better place. Aside from work, he loves speed skating, cycling, board games and reading.
Arjo van der Ham
CTO, Co-founder
Chris makes sure all systems work together harmoniously, in order to make a car the user will definitely enjoy driving. He joined Lightyear because he wanted to make a difference. He wants to show his children that it is possible to change the world in a positive way. Chris practices capoeira and enjoys tasty foods.
Chris Klok
Chief Vehicle Engineer
Patrick Creevey
Validation Manager
Koen is one of Lightyear’s co-founders and is responsible for Design. On a daily basis he asks himself questions concerning the relation between user and product. Does the product fit the user’s needs? Why does the consumer want to buy the product? His main task is thinking about user experience and aesthetics. By working at Lightyear, Koen believes he can truly contribute to making the world a better place. In his spare time Koen enjoys building things.
Koen van Ham
Chief Design, Co-founder
As a vehicle dynamics architect, Wouter mainly works on the development of the chassis and suspension of the Lightyear One. What he likes most about his work is constantly thinking about designing the vehicle such that it is not only lightweight, very efficient and comfortable, but also very simple and cheap to manufacture. He finds inspiration in working on the Lightyear One and believes it will help to transform our world. He is driven to make this project succeed and enjoys working with like-minded people. His hobbies include sports, Formula 1, soccer and drinking a beer with friends
Wouter Jansen
Vehicle Dynamics Architect
As Interior Architect, Willem is responsible for translating the visual design and the vehicle specifications, into a functional and durable product. Components, but also suppliers are part of this journey. What Willem loves most about working at Lightyear is the challenge, space for creativity, and our amazing team. In his spare time Willem works on restoring his 1930’s home. He likes exploring nature together with his family, cars, mountain biking, and yoga.
Willem Van den Corput
System Architect Interior
As an Aerodynamic Engineer Jorden makes sure that the energy losses by aerodynamic drag are minimized so the Lightyear One will be able to run more solar kilometers per year. By doing so, Jorden makes sure the Lightyear One will be looking slick and streamlined. He is passionate about working for Lightyear, because of the intrinsic motivation all of his colleagues and he himself share. He is also very passionate about sailing and kite-surfing.
Jorden Steenbeek
Exterior Architect
Djanini helps define the interactions between all electronic components, and does the planning and budgeting for the electronics system. He loves the big challenge of the Lightyear mission and found in Lightyear an opportunity to work with the best people. His hobbies are soccer, surfing, and eating food.
Djanini Markovic
Electrical Engineer
As a Powertrain Mechanical Engineer, Wiebe works on developing the in-wheel motor system. Lightyear offers him the opportunity to design, develop and commercialize a cutting-edge automotive platform from scratch incorporating state-of-the-art technology to enable off-grid transportation powered by the sun. After work, he likes surfing, snowboarding, traveling, DJ-ing, and reading.
Wiebe Janssen
Mechanical Engineer
As an Embedded Software Engineer, Stef works on designing and implementing all software that is embedded in the Lightyear One, which connects sensor input to actuator output. Stef joined for the technical challenge and the opportunity to work in a young, ambitious and talented team on a mission that is more relevant than ever before. He enjoys running and music in all forms: visiting concerts, playing the keys and occasionally some guitar.
Stef van Son 
Software Engineer
Jeroen helps define the interactions between all electronic components, and does the planning and budgeting for the electronics system. He is figuring out the IT system of Lightyear as a side-project. Jeroen was part of the first Solar Team Eindhoven, and designed the electrical hardware for the battery of Stella. For the Formula SAE team of Eindhoven University of Technology, he designed the electrical hardware of their first custom quad motor drive. He always wanted to do interdisciplinary system engineering on a high level and Lightyear offered him the possibility to do so. Jeroen’s hobbies include woodworking, renovating his house and audio engineering.
Jeroen Maar
Electrical Architect
Toine works on the upper-structure of the car. Toine focuses on creating a lightweight design, while ensuring the safety of the occupants. Additionally, he works on the battery enclosure for the car. This means he designs the casing that holds the batteries in their place and keeps them safe. Challenging the car industries technological focus using creativity and the latest innovations motivates him to keep pushing the limits. Toine is a technology and car enthusiast and loves racing in any type of vehicle.
Toine Schmetz
Mechanical Engineer
Together with the electronics team, Aron is responsible for all electrical aspects of the car, from the door locks to the batteries and electric motors. During his study he participated in the World Solar Challenge (WSC) with Solar Team Eindhoven 2013, and became world champion. Winning the WSC opened his eyes and showed him it is possible to do the impossible. To him, Lightyear means setting an example for the future. Aron’s hobbies include music, volleyball and Formula 1.
Aron Collard
Electrical Engineer
Athanasios works on the in-vehicle network communication. This network includes various ECUs, sensors and actuators. His role is to facilitate and improve the data exchange among them. Athanasios joined Lightyear because we offer a very ambitious and challenging project to work on. When not working you can find Athanasios hiking, playing soccer or board games.
Athanasios Vellios 
Software Engineer
As a Project Manager, Vasiliki works on the planning, budgeting and follow-up of tasks and projects, and preparation, monitoring and administration of subsidy trajectories. At Lightyear, Vasiliki found the opportunity to learn something new every day, to grow as a person and improve her skills. Next to work, she loves traditional dances, puzzles, the Internet of Things and sailing.
Vasiliki Ntampasi
Project Management Support
Damiën works on developing the interior, with a special focus on the dashboard and center console. He believes electric vehicles are the future, and wants to help bring this vision to life. Damiën enjoys scouting and cooking, as well as the occasional technical hobby project.
Damiën Lemans 
Mechanical Engineer
Ricardo is one of Lightyear’s personnel working as a Composites Engineer. He designs parts aiming for significant weight savings using composite materials such as carbon fiber reinforced polymer. To Ricardo the greatest thing about working at Lightyear is being part of a ground-breaking and challenging project, while working on what he loves. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and reading.
Ricardo Ferreira
Mechanical Engineer
Dennis does research towards applicability of lightweight materials (incl. composites) in various components, as well as various general mechanical engineering tasks. He sees the Lightyear One as the right product at the right time, solving a lot of issues regarding adoption of sustainable mobility. His favorite past-times are cycling, snowboarding, surfing, and hiking. He is fascinated by aerospace and enjoys non-fiction reading.
Dennis van Iersel
Mechanical Engineer
As a Structural Engineer Storm is designing the upper structure of the Lightyear One. This means he makes sure the occupant cell is as safe and lightweight as possible. Lightyear offers Storm a fast-paced working environment where he is able to use his engineering skills to make transportation more sustainable. His hobbies include playing the guitar, and rugby.
Storm Potkamp
Mechanical Engineer
Tom works on the brake system and the steering system of the Lightyear One. Tom is motivated by Lightyear’s ambition to be a big part of the energy transition in the automotive industry. He sees working at Lightyear as a great opportunity to develop himself on a professional level, because of the big responsibilities you take on within the company. Tom likes traveling and going out with friends.
Tom van Beurden
Mechanical Engineer
Jeffrey Ball
Mechanical Engineer
Mathijs designs structural components for the Lightyear One using lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber. He found the best of both worlds in building a car while contributing to a more sustainable future. In his free time Mathijs plays basketball and squash, and he enjoys skiing.
Mathijs Brands
Mechanical Engineer
Steven van der Schoot
Software Engineer
As a Solar Generator Engineer, Simone is designing and building the solar roof on the Lightyear One. He chose to work at Lightyear because he is challenged to learn fast and do multiple tasks. He has an unshakable belief in this project. His hobbies include 3D printing, basketball and mountain biking.
Simone Regondi
PV Engineer
Joris is responsible for the cloud system that communicates with the car. This system is used for the diagnostics of the car. It also allows the owner, using our mobile app, to see the status of the car and have some minimal controls, such as flashing the headlights. The main reason Joris chose to work for Lightyear is the societal impact of the company. Building be a brand new solar car from scratch is a dream come true. Joris enjoys gardening, programming, watching series and gaming.
Joris Reijrink
Software Engineer
Durandus Dijken
Project Manager R&D
At Lightyear Martijn is working on a lot of things, such as battery pack, schematic/PCB design, auxiliary parts, and testing. As homologation engineer he is responsible for the contact with the Dutch Road Authorities as well, in order to make sure Lightyear One will be road legal. Martijn joined Lightyear to make a serious contribution to solving one of the world’s biggest problems. He enjoys photography, hiking, sports and playing drums.
Martijn Tuijten
Electrical Engineer
Bram is responsible for the dynamic behavior of the Lightyear One. He works on the suspension geometry, a vehicle dynamic model and the shock breaker system. Bram has a very simple reason to be a part of Lightyear: he wants to be part of the development of the first commercial solar car. He sees his job in building solar cars as a hobby of sorts, although he also enjoys soccer, surfing, and fitness.
Bram Lomans
Mechanical Engineer
Roel Grooten
Lead Engineer
Frank van de Kimmenade
Project Manager
Misha is currently working on the electrical system that connects the solar cells to the car's high voltage system. His main task is ensuring the maximum amount of solar power is converted to electrical power at all times. Misha joined Solar Team Eindhoven in 2015, so joining Lightyear was the natural way forward for him. In his spare time he likes to cook and run. He enjoys (and occasionally makes) craft beers.
Misha Bekker
Electrical Engineer
At Lightyear, Alex focuses on designing an intuitive system that helps the driver get the longest range from the battery without sacrificing on safety nor the pleasure of driving. Alex believes in the Lightyear vision and wants to apply his knowledge and skills to create the smoothest experience of driving a solar electric vehicle. He is the guitarist of a band, plays soccer and loves cooking.
Alex de Ruiter
Interaction Designer
Rik Slingerland
IP Management
Ron Snellenberg
Senior CAD Engineer
Marijn van den Bliek
Prototype Engineer
Frank Kusters
Software Architect
Rohit Algeri
Software Engineer
Remko Campagne
Mechanical Engineer
Stijn Bachman
Mechanical Engineer
Sapfo Tsoutsou
Thermal Engineer
Annemiek Koers
Aerodynamics Engineer
Matijn van Dijk
Mechanical Engineer
Daan Roordink
Data Engineer
Bart Geers
Interaction Designer
Tom Kooyman
Electrical Engineer
Jasmijn Verboeket
Aerodynamics Engineer
Sander Janssen
Project Manager
Roland Blanch
Thermal Engineer
Tim Jansen
Mechanical Engineer
Geoffrey Schlee
Electrical Engineer
Tom Vocke
Electrical Engineer
Manuel Ribeiro
Software Engineer
Remon ten Haaf
CAD Engineer
Chris Vorster
Electrical Engineer
Andrea Carpi
Structural Engineer
José Alberto Vera Vigil
Mechanical Engineer
Federico García López
Aerodynamic Engineer
Eric Rutten
Electrical Engineer
Loek Janssen
Mechanical Engineer
Ajay Jamodkar
Electrical Prototype Engineer
Kees Huijben
Thermal Engineer
Davide Occello
System Engineer
Juan de Vos
System Engineer

Stefhan van der Kemp

Mechanical Engineer

Davy Bijnen

Electronics Architect 

Luk van Dijk

VP Information Office


Gerard is setting up the procurement structures and organisation, while occasionally also doing hands-on purchasing. He makes sure to buy the things we need. The values at Lightyear perfectly match his personal ones, which is why working at Lightyear surpasses any other option to him. On top of that, Lightyear combines Automotive with a very clear vision and ambitious goals. His love for automotive also manifests in restoration of (classic) cars. He enjoys playing the saxophone, cycling and DIY.
Gerard Berkelmans
Procurement Manager
Nard translates the needs of the development teams to relevant partnerships with suppliers. His goal is to mutually reinforce partnerships in terms of long term profitability and growth. Lightyear is a young start-up with people with an entrepreneurial spirit, innovative mindset and whatever-it-takes mentality and a great place for Nard to learn. He has a great passion for cycling and ice speed skating.
Nard van der Sanden
Procurement Engineer
Mustafa Caliskan
Manufacturing Manager
Wim van Stratum
Operations Manager
Bram Vlieks
Operational Buyer
Bechtset Kagiali
Manufacturing Engineer
Klaus Leprich
Procurement Engineer
Joost Donkers
Procurement Engineer

Coby Metz

Procurement Engineer

Diego Guitierrez

Procurement Engineer

Viktor Brand

Administrative Assistant (Intern)

Daniël Lont

Production Manager

Jos Geraerts

Supply Chain Manager

Sales, Marketing & Communication

Tessie is responsible for Relations and Sales within Lightyear. She takes care of all incoming reservations and makes sure all customer feedback is heard and, when possible, integrated. Next to this, Tessie is regularly present at events or presentations to spread the story of Lightyear. She sees working at Lightyear as a great opportunity to help create a powerful tool to provide a huge health, environmental as well as economical and social benefit to many. Tessie is interested in field hockey, social entrepreneurship and politics. She likes listening to music and reading books.
Tessie Hartjes
Chief  Marketing & Sales
Mark Janssens
After Sales Manager
Martijn directs Lightyear as a business onto the right path. Co-founding Lightyear was a logical step from solar team Eindhoven to him. Being able to have an impact on society, getting challenged with a steep learning curve, and all of this a part of “a super inspiring company with a lot of interesting people”. Martijn’s hobbies include cycling, sailing, and traveling.
Martijn Lammers
Chief Strategy, Co-founder

Thijs Dillen

Account Manager

As a copywriter Celeste translates and writes texts in both Dutch and English. She writes our press releases, blogs and monthly newsletter. Celeste believes that by doing work she finds worthwhile she can make the world a little brighter. She gets energy from working in a motivated team. When not at work Celeste likes to write fiction, paint in oils, dabble in politics, travel and hike.
Celeste Vervoort
Jonne van Veggel
Event Marketeer
Raoul Cooijmans
Digital Marketeer
Marc Maas
Project Manager Customer Journey

Riegmar Valies

Digital Marketeer (Intern)

Bart Meeuwis

Brand Researcher (Intern)


As CEO and co-founder, Lex is all about the end-goal and long term vision for the company. He does not only think about which technologies to use, what people to hire and which investors to work with, but also what company culture to build. He believes that by living the Lightyear mission we can make the world a better place. When not at work, Lex likes winter sports, reading, hiking and playing the piano.
Lex Hoefsloot
CEO, Co-founder
Qurein co-founded Lightyear and is responsible for the company’s finances. To be able to accomplish Lightyear’s mission, Qurein makes sure we raise sufficient funds and reports where the received funds have been spent and invested in. Having grown up in South Africa, he has clearly seen the world's need for clean mobility. Out of all the companies Qurein could have worked for, he chose Lightyear because he believes he can make the biggest difference for future generations here. His favorite pastimes are hiking, swimming, politics, and economics.
Qurein Biewenga
CFO, Co-founder
Working as Chief Growth means Maijke makes sure the company can grow in a sustainable manner with respect to culture, processes, and people. Lightyear has given her a big challenge and mission to believe in. Maijke likes doing hot yoga and DIY projects in her spare time.
Maijke Receveur
Chief Growth
Ivo’s focus is attracting the talent needed for Lightyear in different fields of expertise. He develops a proactive strategy towards the market to keep Lightyear in the forefront of the mind of our focus groups. He also tries to promote Lightyear every chance he gets! Ivo joined Lightyear because he was looking for a challenge. When he spoke to the team for the first time he felt an enormous energy and knew there was only one way forward.....becoming part of this great team and to do his part to achieve our mission! His hobbies include traveling, mountain biking and outdoor cooking.
Ivo Munsters
Rens is involved in strategy and corporate finance. Together with the finance team he works on funding, corporate finance and investor relations. Rens joined because he was fascinated by the idea of a green automotive start-up and loves working in an ambitious team. Working on the Lightyear mission gives him energy. His hobbies include swimming, reading, economics, and technology.
Rens Melsen
Financial Strategist
Margriet van Vugt
Legal Counsel
Sigrid van Hettema
HR Specialist
Marcel Lobbes
VP Finance
Jet Rubingh
Marleen Theunissen
HR Officer
Henk Cobelens
Quality Manager
As Intern Communications, Noortje supports the communication and marketing team wherever she can. Noortje joined because Lightyear’s purpose-driven mentality really spoke to her. Her hobbies include squash, running and karaoke.
Noortje Verwiel
Employee Happiness
Henk de Bruin
Advisor Sustainability


Ton Backx
Camilla van den Boom
Maarten Steinbuch
Gosse Boxhoorn
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