We are Lightyear,
we are on a mission.

Developing the electric car that charges itself.

Our Mission

Lightyear’s mission is to bring clean and affordable mobility to everyone.

We’re doing this by creating a car that charges itself with sunlight. This solution drastically reduces our dependency on the electricity grid and will make the electric car scalable because of it.

Lightyear is a mission-driven company, focussed on impact.

Our Team

Lightyear is a fast growing company with a balanced team of both seasoned professionals and talented, young, high performing innovators.


Our History

Founded by world champion solar car racers, Lightyear’s experience with solar powered cars goes back to 2012.

Lightyear was started two solar-powered family cars, world championships and a Techcrunch Crunchie Award later.


Designing Lightyear One: Aerodynamics

    Annemiek Koers — Aerodynamics Engineer With aerodynamics we study how well the air flows around the car. Our job at the Aerodynamics team is to ensure that the air will move along the curves of the car as smoothly as possible. Because we stop the air from moving...

Lightyear joins Euronext #Techshare programme

    Qurein Biewenga — CFO/Co-founder We are honoured to be one of the few high-potential companies selected for the Euronext #TechShare educational programme. Euronext, the leading pan-European exchange in the Eurozone, today launches its fourth session of TechShare,...

How efficient is an electric car?

Celeste Vervoort — Copywriter There is no doubt that in the coming decades there will be many more electric cars and other electric vehicles entering the streets around the globe. Leading this trend is Europe, one of the continents where we already see an accelerating...

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