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Always charging in the sun.
Longest range. Most sustainable.

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Exceptional range

Breakthroughs in efficiency

Lightyear One has been engineered coming from a radically different perspective. Our performance pushes us to focus relentlessly on to optimize efficiency and safety. We started from scratch, following not convention but only the laws of physics, to get the most out of every joule of energy. Lightyear One will get to a range of 725 km on the WLTP cycle. We will guarantee at least 400km in winter, at highway speeds and with heating on. Mostly, range will be between 500 and 800 kilometers.


Lightyear One has the best aerodynamic coefficient of any car to date due to its cutting-edge design. We rethought the concept of a car from the ground up to optimize the airflow around and under the car. We optimized every part from the chassis to the side mirrors, from the crash cone to the luggage compartment. Not only does it make the car look sleek, but it drastically reduces energy consumption.

Efficient power train

Lightyear has streamlined the entire automobile for efficiency. This includes energy usage. Lightyear One’s four independently driven wheels mean that power goes directly to where it needs to be used. This energy efficiency is a huge factor in the incredible range of Lightyear One.

Reduced weight

Lightyear took advantage of state-of-the-art materials to reduce the overall weight of the car while maintaining rigorous passenger safety standards. The result is a very spacious car that demands less of its power supply. The in-wheel motors and relatively smaller battery also reduce the overall load. Together, this means that Lightyear One has comparatively lower weight and a much longer range.

Continuous charging

The optimized aerodynamics and design mean that a fully-charged battery has a range of up to 800km, more than you need to go from Amsterdam to Paris. The integrated solar cells of the 5 m2 hood and roof mean that Lightyear One charges up to 12km/h as it goes. The already superior range continues to extend with every hour of sunlight. So what starts as a drive from Lisbon to Madrid can continue on to Valencia or Barcelona without stopping for anything but food.

Clean mobility for everyone, everywhere.

Lightyear is not an ordinary car manufacturer. We are a tech company on a mission: to create clean mobility for everyone.

At this point, 12% of European greenhouse gases are emitted by cars, a number that will quickly increase if we sit still. In addition, many countries are struggling to build the necessary infrastructure for electric cars.

So what if we could ‘leapfrog’ the grid and create a car charged by the sun? To be able to drive an unsurpassed distance without the need for a recharge. This is Lightyear. We are set to drive a Lightyear’s worth of kilometers by 2035. Get on the move and join us, today.

Effortless energy

The Lightyear One is able to charge itself by the sun, enabling ultimate range.

Experience what it means to drive the Lightyear One in:

Rotterdam, Netherlands
10days of carefree rangeJan 10Average production based on 20.000 km per year
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00:000 Wh0 km per day05:2322:06


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