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Now more than ever, the environment and its preservation hang in the balance. Governments, companies, and individuals are turning to renewable energy sources to shape a more sustainable future, and cleaning up the automotive industry is a crucial step. But it takes a movement to achieve change – and we need your help to drive it.



Climate change

Climate change is accelerating. Landscapes of diverse flora and fauna are fading. Frozen forests and glaciers are disappearing, and fast. The earth is warming, and the automotive industry is a leading cause. But it's not too late to change it, and that's where our technology comes in.


A strained power grid

We're seeing a shift from fuel-burning cars to electric ones, with zero tailpipe emissions. That’s good news for the environment, but it’s not the full solution. Put simply, the existing power grid is strained and cannot support the increasing demand for electric cars. That’s why we need truly clean mobility.


Energy crisis

We’re experiencing an energy crisis. The electricity grid can’t meet the demands of electric vehicles, and global charging infrastructure leaves much to be desired. But there's sunlight at the end of the tunnel. Solar electric vehicles have the power to restore balance and relieve energy infrastructure.

Going off-grid

Electric vehicles don’t have to depend so heavily on plugs and sockets. Electric vehicles with our solar charging systems harness clean, free and renewable energy from the sun. And instead of demanding more from the power grid, our technologies and design drastically reduce energy consumption. Less, suddenly becomes more. More time, energy and freedom to travel without range anxiety or the anchor of charging infrastructure.

9,460,000,000,000 kilometres
This is the number of kilometres that all cars combined drive in a single year. It’s a big number. In fact, it’s a light-year, powered by fossil fuels. Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of electric cars so that by 2035, we see the first light-year driven in solar kilometres by clean, scalable vehicles.

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