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We develop scalable cutting-edge solar charging systems to create grid-independent solar electric vehicles

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Our innovative Lightyear Solar Charging System powers the world's first solar car, the Lightyear 0. Now, we're bringing this cutting-edge technology to the global vehicle industry. Starting with solar charging roofs and other body parts, we transform car exteriors into energy sources. This technology enhances vehicle range, reduces charging needs, increases driving freedom, and alleviates grid congestion.


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We are committed to developing Lightyear technologies that make electric vehicles (EVs) more efficient. Combined with Lightyear Solar Charging Systems, more green energy is available to use for other purposes. By rethinking our personal transportation decisions, we can make a real difference and contribute positively to the energy transition.


bonna newman
Bonna Newman, PhD

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

marnix borghouts
Marnix Borghouts

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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About Lightyear

We design for independence and convenience. We create solar charging systems for electric vehicles that can drive off-grid and into all of life's adventures.

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