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Careers at Lightyear

Are you ready to impact the future?

Let us introduce ourselves

Through innovation, dedication, and daring, we are shaping the future. We have a clear vision. To offer clean, renewable mobility for all. To make this a reality, we must overcome countless obstacles. By coming together, we’ll tackle this mission head-on, and we believe we can shape a cleaner, healthier world.

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Our values

Think independently

Our thinking is not constrained by anything. To change the world, we have to challenge assumptions about what is (and isn’t) possible. Dare to think differently, but don’t reinvent the wheel.

Be bold

We make the impossible possible. We are willing to do what it takes. We embrace big ideas.

Deliver the change

Our work creates a dent in the universe. We deliver meaningful value to our users and the world. We commit to results. We need to cooperate to succeed.

Put people first

Our work is focused on improving the lives of as many people as possible. We always treat anyone openly and with respect. We support each other in the best way we can.

Take responsibility

We are collectively responsible towards our environment. We own our decisions. We acknowledge our mistakes and shortcomings and learn from them. We only succeed if we all play our part.


Our headquarters is located in Venray. Here you can take a stroll through our impressive 3600 m2 production floor to witness the our manufacturing of solar modules first-hand. How’s that for inspiration?

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At Lightyear, we empower our people to do their best work on their own terms. If that means being surrounded by the creature comforts of your own home, we fully support you. Most opt for a hybrid approach — remote drinks just aren’t the same, are they?

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Job openings

Solar Proto Engineer

As a Solar Proto Engineer, you will become part of the Solar Engineering Domain. In this role you work closely with solar researchers providing electrical and mechanical prototyping support and aiding in indoor and outdoor experiments.

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System Architect (Power) Electronics

As a System Architect Power Electronics, you will become part of the engineering team at Lightyear, In this role you will help grow the electronics department and lead the power electronics development within the company.

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Software Architect

As a Software Architect you will become part of the engineering team at Lightyear, In this role you will help grow the Software department and lead the software development within the company.

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System Performance Expert

As a Performance Expert you will become part of the engineering team at Lightyear. In this role you will help grow the simulation & performance department, and lead this area within the company.

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“Lightyear is a place where pioneers come together to work on something bigger than themselves. Each and every one of us has a unique contribution to our shared vision.”


About Lightyear

We design for independence and convenience. We create solar charging systems for electric vehicles that can drive off-grid and into all of life's adventures.

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