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Who we are

Founded on the success of Solar Team Eindhoven, we know how to approach the challenge of providing clean mobility to everyone: by questioning everything. We are driven and we like to have fun, but most of all, we want to get things done. At Lightyear, we bring together a highly motivated, multidisciplinary team to accelerate the movement towards clean mobility. Join us!

What we do

We are creating the first long-range solar car. We want to tackle a major cause of air pollution by making emissions-free mobility available to everyone. Our first step in this mission is Lightyear One, a family car built with innovative technology by completely rethinking automotive design. Do you want to support us in our mission towards clean mobility?

Work with passion

At Lightyear, we all strive for the same goal. We have a team with diverse skill sets and backgrounds all working tirelessly to make a lasting impact on mobility and climate change. Our shared vision unites and drives us.


We’re proud of the culture at Lightyear. Our team members have the motivation that comes from doing important work at a company that challenges and supports their professional growth. They feel heard - and that they’re making a meaningful contribution! We may not offer the highest salaries or a 9-to-5 workday, but the many benefits of working at Lightyear give our team a high level of energy and satisfaction.

Autonomous workflow
Useful travel allowance
40 vacation days per year
Ample growth opportunities
Ethically sourced pension
Dynamic working environment
Lightyear share participation
Epic team activities

Working at Lightyear



“Lightyear is a really dynamic company. I just started and immediately the team was really open to me.”

— Jules Cobben

Project Administration


Project Administration

“I enjoy the culture. Everyone is very innovative and is here to achieve the same goal.”

— Ronelle Visser


Project Administration


“Despite the fact that Lightyear is so new and still a small company, I think it has a very strong fundament when it comes to the culture.”

— Hans Heijmans


The Lightyear values

Think independently

  • Our thinking is not constrained by anything.
  • To change the world, we have to challenge assumptions about what is (and isn’t) possible.
  • Dare to think differently, but don’t reinvent the wheel.

Be bold

  • We make the impossible possible.
  • We are willing to do what it takes.
  • We embrace big ideas.

Deliver the change

  • Our work creates a dent in the universe.
  • We deliver meaningful value to our users and the world.
  • We commit to results.
  • We need to cooperate to succeed.

Put people first

  • Our work is focused on improving the lives of as many people as possible.
  • We always treat anyone openly and with respect.
  • We support each other in the best way we can.

Take responsibility

  • We are collectively responsible towards our environment.
  • We own our decisions.
  • We acknowledge our mistakes and shortcomings and learn from them.
  • We only succeed if we all play our part .
  • Our thinking is not constrained by anything.
  • To change the world, we have to challenge assumptions about what is (and isn’t) possible.
  • Dare to think differently, but don’t reinvent the wheel.

Finding the right people

Our recruitment process is focused on the whole person, not just their experience. We want to maintain the positive energy and productivity of our teams. We use innovative methods to evaluate how candidates would fit into our fast-changing environment. Between our methods, our growth and the volume of applications we receive, hiring sometimes takes longer than we would wish. Please excuse any delay in our responses.



Send us your resume and motivational letter. There’s a small ‘gamified’ assessment, as well. If you are an engineer or developer, you will solve a case that shows us your creativity and willingness to find new approaches.



Personal interview at our office in Helmond. If you are living abroad, this could also be a video interview.


Personal Profile Analysis

Complete an online personality assessment.


Visit the office

Visit the office to see the facility and Lightyear One. Have an in-depth discussion with our CEO, Lex Hoefsloot.


Make an agreement

If you’re as excited about us as we are about you, we come to an agreement. At the moment you sign the contract, you become part of the Lightyear family and ready to make a positive impact.