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Lightyear has been recognised for outstanding innovation with the prestigious Golden Steering Wheel Award

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Lightyear won Golden steering wheel award

German magazine Auto Bild has awarded Lightyear with the Golden Steering Wheel in the Innovation category. This acclaimed award recognises the innovation of the world’s first solar car as we accelerate towards our mission to deliver a cleaner future.

The Golden Steering Wheel award’s roots trace all the way back to 1976, with the goal of showing the popularity of new car models. Auto Bild readers are able to vote for a variety of categories, including the most innovative new car, after which a jury of experts decides on the winner.

Receiving this recognition from an international automotive market such as Germany is another incredibly motivating milestone for Lightyear.

The award was received by Lightyear co-founders Arjo van der Ham and Koen van Ham. Arjo said: “It’s incredible to see how our innovative technologies for the automotive sector have led us to receive so much support and recognition for our mission of clean mobility for everyone, not only from the Dutch but also international audiences.

“We are humbled by the support of Auto Bild and the German consumers who voted for our solar car. We’re proud to take this trophy back to the team and are motivated to continue surprising people with efficient technology that contributes to a cleaner automotive sector.”

Innovation of Lightyear

Lightyear’s mission of providing clean mobility for everyone, everywhere requires dedication, daring, and the constant pursuit of innovation.

In order to be as energy efficient as possible, we made Lightyear 0 the most aerodynamic production car in history. To harness the power of the sun, we developed our own solar technology. This allows us to manufacture our own patented double-curved solar arrays, which are integrated into our car’s sleek design, and even able to fit on top of other vehicles.

To accomplish the technologies that will bring lasting change and critical impact to the automotive world, we had to start from scratch. We relied on the backing of visionaries and pioneers, and we still do.

The Golden Steering Wheel is an incredible affirmation of a swelling support for clean, solar electric mobility. And it certainly gets us charged up for the milestone of production that falls ahead.

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