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New production location to manufacture our unique Lightyear solar roofs

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We will have a new facility in Venray, The Netherlands, where we will start the production of our patented double-curved solar roofs.

As we are gearing up for industrialisation, this location proved to be ideal for our needs.

Located in Venray, in the Dutch province of Limburg, the new facility belongs to Inalfa Roof Systems. They will partly move their production to Poland, leaving behind equipment suitable for Lightyear.

As the second-largest supplier of sliding and panoramic roofs for vehicles in the world, Inalfa already has the test equipment available, as well as highly qualified automotive personnel.

Our double-curved solar roofs are unique on the market, being the product of years of hard work, where we patented technology and production processes. Having all this in-house knowledge, developing our signature solar roofs by ourselves was the next logical step. This technology is certified for the automotive standards and has been created specifically for series production.

We are emboldened to be expanding our capabilities, after a month full of good news.

We tested our latest prototype, which drove 710km on a single charge of 60kWh, and announced our production partnership with Valmet Automotive.

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