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Why Lightyear One is the next best step in your endeavours

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“The aspect of Lightyear One that really appealed to me is that it’s a status-quo changer.” - Cas van Arendonk

Our ambassadors, be it Cas or Mark, see opportunity all around us. That’s how Cas created 6 new companies, in a timespan of only 18 years. But he knows that with such great power comes great responsibility, and that’s why he searches for meaning in everything he does. This is why Lightyear One is the perfect car for him and people like him.

Reserving a Lightyear One is not only an experience, but also an investment. Everything that went into it was based on the desire to grow and be better. With the combining forces of luxury and technology, this solar electric vehicle was created with the entrepreneurs and innovators of the future in mind. Because who else can recognise what Lightyear One truly is? A breakthrough that can protect the environment, while also being a rewarding venture.

Lightyear One stands out in range vs. battery capacity

"Lightyear One is designed with energy efficiency at heart."

Energy efficiency is the starting point of Lightyear One. We firmly believe that a car is a whole system, and that everything is connected. To make one of the most energy efficient cars on the market, we started from a blank sheet of paper. From there on, materials and systems were thought out in such a way that they are lighter and smaller, without sacrificing safety and quality.

Electric vehicles are a great step forward from internal combustion engines but the grid-dependency forms a roadblock in its global adoption. The biggest bottleneck is scalability. Inefficient use of batteries and a heavy reliance on frequent charging, slow down the adoption rates. Not to mention the estimated cost of $50-100 billion dollars necessary to build the infrastructure by 2030 (in the US, China & Europe) for a, so far, relatively limited market share. We are pioneering our vision of a future where scalable independent electrical vehicles can give our costumers the convenience they desire and deserve.

Starting from a blank sheet of paper, Lightyear can make the perfect vehicle for the person who’s always on the run. By leapfrogging the grid Lightyear One does not require as many charges as conventional electric vehicles. With just a few charges in the winter, you can drive for months without charging. Clean and convenient.

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