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Our mission is to make clean mobility available to anyone, anywhere in the world. We’re doing this by creating a car that charges itself with sunlight.

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Finding the right people

Send us your resume and answer the questions asked. We might include a small ‘gamified’ assessment, as well. If you have a technical background, we potentially let you solve a case that shows us your creativity and willingness to find new approaches.

When we believe there is a potential match, we will start with a more general interview to scratch the surface culturally and content wise. If both parties are happy we will continue into a second interview which will be more content driven. If you are living abroad, these could also be video interviews.

After the interviews we will build in a tailormade assessment. This will be a personality assessment. For certain roles this can be a specific case related to the content of the role.

At Lightyear culture is key. In order to maintain and further develop this culture you will have an in-depth discussion with our CEO, Lex Hoefsloot.

If you are as excited about us as we are about you, we come to an agreement. The moment you sign the contract, you become part of the Lightyear family and you are determined to make a positive impact.

About Lightyear

We design for independence and convenience. We create clean solar electric cars that can drive off-grid and into all of life's adventures.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 848620