Lightyear 0 side view

Lightyear 0

Freedom to move anywhere

Drive for months without charging

Lightyear 0 reinvents the wheel when it comes to energy consumption, range capability and charging.

It’s built like no other electric car, charging on-the-go and gaining up to 70 kilometres of range per day from the sun alone. Our holistic design helps to get the most from every last joule of energy.

Big, bright range capability

With Lightyear 0, the sun is your source. Picture this: you return to your car after two hours. Tapping on your intuitive infotainment system, you see that the sun boosted your range by 20 km while you were away. Nice. Depending on the climate, you could yield between 6,000 to 11,000 kilometres of free, effortless, and clean range every year.

Lightyear 0 on a mountain road
Take charge

Lightyear 0 is much less dependent on sockets and cables. But when you do plug charge, you can expect an easy ride. Any outlet in the world becomes a charging station. Plugged into a regular home socket, the one you use to power your toaster, you can still charge over 300 km of range overnight.

Lightyear 0 parked in an urban environment
Drive beyond boundaries

No more planning routes around charging ports; Lightyear 0 is energised by adventure, just like you. 640L of trunk space with the seats up, and a ground clearance of 183mm makes it ideal for exploring unknown terrain and heading for off-the-beaten-track destinations.

Lightyear 0 driving in the woods


Practical range

1,000+ km driving range between two charging moments(1)

Battery range

625 km (WLTP)(2)

Highway range (at 110 km/h)

560 km(3)

Additional daily solar range

Up to 70 km(4)

Annual solar yield

Up to 11,000 km(4)

Battery pack

60 kWh


0 - 100 km/h in 10 seconds

Top speed

160 km/h

Charging speeds

Amount of range in 1 hour charging

Home charging (regular household plug)

32 km/h

Public charging

200 km/h

Fast charging

520 km/h

1 Based on a 50 km workday commute in Amsterdam in summer. Driving range will vary depending on driving habits, location and season.

2 Pending final verification tests.

3 Verified by Lightyear Production Intent Vehicle 012 in June 2022.

4 Based on a 35 km workday commute in Southern Spain in spring and summer.

Dimensions (L x W x H)

5083 x 1972 x 1445 m


1,575 kg

Ground Clearance

183 mm

Solar array

5 m² double curved

Body panels

Reclaimed carbon fiber

Luggage space

Boot 640 L (seats up), Center console 12 L


5 adults


Vegan interior with naturally sourced materials


10.1’’ display with touchscreen, Android Automotive OS

Side and rear view

Camera system


vegan interior

Sustainable design is stitched into every seam of Lightyear 0. The car’s high-quality interior is crafted from plant-based leather, recycled PET bottle fabrics and sustainably restructured rattan palm, breathing new life into a conscious collection of all-natural materials.

Lightyear 0 with mist finish

Ready to go

Your journey starts here.

Ground­breaking technology

As the world's first long-range production-ready solar electric vehicle, Lightyear 0 redefines mobility.

Designed with radical efficiency at its heart, it puts revolutionary technologies into the hands of the visionaries rewriting history with every clean solar kilometre they drive.

Exploded view of an in-wheel motor
4 in-wheel motors

The most efficient drivetrain to date with four independently controlled in-wheel motors.

Front view of the hood of the Lightyear 0 with solar cells on it
5m2 solar cells and most efficient inverters

Lightyear's integrated solar technology greatly reduces the need for grid-charging.

Lightyear 0 with air flow visualized
Most aerodynamic production car design

Lightyear 0’s design allows it to attain a record-breaking drag coefficient (Cd) of less than 0.19.

Floor of a Lightyear 0 with the battery pack on top
Battery pack with high energy density

A battery pack with a high energy density has a relatively low weight, which contributes to the energy efficiency of the car.

Under the hood view of Lightyear 0’s thermal system
Complete thermal integration

We capture and re-use any residual heat, so we maintain our critical components at their optimal temperature with minimum energy loss.

Top-down view of Lightyear 0’s chassis
Lightweight body and chassis

We found the balance of using lighter building materials like aluminium and carbon fiber, while maintaining rigorous safety standards.

Lightyear 0 parked in front of a beautiful mountain landscape

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