Designing the Lightyear One: In-wheel motors

Wiebe Janssen — Powertrain Engineer In the process of designing a car, choosing the right motor is very important. I would like to give a look into this process by explaining what we look for in motors and how we approach this search for the best possible match for...

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Power to free communication

Celeste Vervoort — Copywriter One of our very first buyers, Mark Vletter, decided to chase a dream when he saw the worldwide access problem of information and communication. Armed with a strong drive to change the status quo, he started the 48percent foundation with a...

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The seemingly impossible car

Arjo van der Ham — Co-Founder Technology today is evolving faster than ever. When you stop and think about it, the possibilities seem endless. Every day, a lot of great (or to be honest, most of the time not-so-great) ideas pop into my, our, or your head. Although the...

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Looking back: The story of a year of Lightyear

Martijn Lammers — Co-Founder It was a year ago when I wrote this article from our very first office (we have been on the move), back when we were with just the five of us. It feels so much longer ago now. The past year has been an exciting year for Lightyear in many...

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Lex goes USA, come meet us!

Lex Hoefsloot — Co-Founder The dust has settled following the public launch in June, which has brought us the helping hand of many. Not only can we announce that dozens of people are interested in placing or have already placed a reservation for the Lightyear One, we...

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Lightyear Investor Cafe: this is only the beginning

We have held our first Investor Cafe.

During this evening we presented our plans to a select group of people from our network. We informed them on what we are doing and what our plans are for the near future. We would like to thank all attendants, especially our ambassadors Camilla van den Boom, Maarten Steinbuch and Ton Backx.

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FAQ: How does a solar car work?

A solar car is a car that uses the sun as its main source of energy. You might know some experimental solar cars from the World Solar Challenge, a biannual 3000 km challenge through the deserts of Australia.

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We are Lightyear, we’re on a mission

Lightyear was started by 5 Solar Team Eindhoven alumni. With Solar Team Eindhoven, we built the revolutionary solar cars Stella & Stella Lux. Both cars are 4 seaters, road legal, solar powered and built to win the World Solar Challenge cruiser class. After two world championships, we decided that it is time for the next step.

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